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Review: Chromasette Magazine (Rainbow 1981-12)

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Chromasette isn't really a magazine in the traditional sense, but it is tremendous amount of fun and something to anticipate each month (Just like you do with the RAINBOW)!

Chromasette (P.O. Box 1087, Santa Barbara, CA 93102, $45 a year, $25 for half a year) comes to you on a cassette tape with six or more programs every month, ranging from games to interesting fun things that will amuse and delight you.

In addition, you get a little insight into how the programs work and some good information about the Color Computer. And Dave's (the intrepid editor) graphics --especially the monthly cover -- will really set any Color Computer doubter on his ear.

Chromassette is from the same genere of Cload, and, admittedly, some of the programs are adaptations. That's no problems, because, frankly, adapting even non-graphic programs is time-consuming. If you figure what your time is worth, the subscription is a bargain.

Some of the programs which have been offered thus far test the fancy of almost everyone. Of particular note is DRAWER, which really lets you control drawing on the hires graphic screen. My favorite, however, is MCJUMP, where you try to work your way up to a jump over 20 barrels. The graphics are really good.

JERUSALEM ADVENTURE tests your wits against several problems, including murderous arabs (fiendish Dave is not prone to hints, even if you beg!), and I really enjoyed TWO DATES, a days-between-dates program with a creative twist and format. There have been a "Simon"-like MUSICPAT game, a frustrating but enjoyable NERVES maze game and, for you going into business, PHONEWD --a program that lists all the possible letter combinations of your telephone number.


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