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Random graphic fun

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Here's a nice short program that will bite the Apple right down to the core!

Robert Foulke contributes this little gem that will generate random-type graphic images that are beautifully geometric. If you have a screen print program, you can get some super-fantastic printouts!

In the fourth program line, where you have the option of changing the RND number, try 3 or 30 first. These can produce some exceptionally fine graphics. But, as Robert says, any number will do.

We believe you'll really like this one. It can be extremely entertaining.

The Listing:

10 ' R. FOULKE - 1981
20 ' "POLYGON"
41 PI=3.14159:M=RND(90)
51 FOR T=0 TO 2*PI STEP PI/75
60 R=COS(M*T)*95
71 X1=COS(T)*R+128:Y1=SIN(T)*R+96
80 A=T+PI/3
90 R2=COS(M*A)*95
100 X2=COS(A)*R2+128:Y2=SIN(A)*R2+96
110 LINE (X1,Y1)-(X2,Y2),PSET 120 NEXT T
130 FOR T=1 TO 800:NEXTT
140 GOTO30


See this article as it appeared in the Rainbow Magazine 1981-12 Pag 8, in