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Printer status (Rainbow 1981-08)

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Although there is no way to count line automatically on the COLOR Computer, there are a few things you can do with printer information.

A lot of that information is in the manual you received with your COLOR computer, although there is one typographical error. That error is on page 209 of the Extended Color Basic documetation, which says you can set the line printer width at decimal 115. The correct address to set the width is decimal 135. That's pretty obvious to anyone who is looking at the other addresses.

However, you can also peek into the PIA at decimal 63314 to check the status of your line printer. If the peek returns a 4 or a 6, then the printer is on line. If it returns a 5 or a 7, then it is off line.

Try some of the addresses at the decimal 149 - 156 addresses. The one which shows up right away is 153, the comma field width. In short, you do not have to have 16-space comma fields and can use any number you want.


See Rainbow Magazine 1981-08 Pag 4, in