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More Memory for Basic

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Rainbow V01N02 Pag. 4

Normally ECB reserves 4 pages for graphics, for a total of 22824 Basic memory, If your program does not need graphics, you should be able to use PCLEAR 0, but this command fails due to an error in the ECB, to solve this we use POKE 25,6: NEW

With PCLEAR 1 the total is 27432 and With POKE 25,6:NEW (PCLEAR 0) the total memory is 31016

POKE 25,6:NEW ' (PCLEAR 0)

You have to plan in advance. The Poke doesn't work if you leave off the :NEW, and, if you have a program resident in memory, the NEW will wipe.
One way to avoid this problem if you did not plan ahead would be to CSAVE the program, reset the memory and then CLOAD the Program back in.

As Bob Hope said...