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M & N Decoded (Rainbow 1981-07)

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Have you tried that little message board program in the Extended Color Basic manual that lets you print what sort of appear to be text letter on the graphics screen?

Since you cannot mix graphics and text on the same screen, some things can be really confusing without a label. We suggest you create a subroutine with all 26 graphics letters and then just execute the letters on the graphics screen when you want to label something.

Actually, that's not what this is all about, since that seems pretty easy to figure out. But we were less than happy with the wav two of the letters looked. A quick call to Ft. Worth brought the information that the customer service People at Radio Shack thought one of their programmers was just trying to get a bit too fancy with some of the letters.

Those letters in question are the "M" and the "W"...and they do look messy. Here's a suggestion for a way to draw them that's a little more clear'


We hope you'll like these!


See Rainbow Magazine 1981-07 Pag 3, in,,