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Note: the actual product name was not MM1 but MM/1 with a slash, but the nature of URLs and wikis prevent the correct "MM/1" from being this article's title.


The MM/1 (Multi-Media One) was an attempt to make a CoCo-inspired OS-9 machine. It ran OS-9/68000 and included the K-Windows windowing system by Kevin Darling which supported the CoCo 3 style windowing system. The hardware was based on Philips chips used in the CD-i systems.

The machine was initially sold by Interactive Media Systems, then later taken over and sold by David Graham of Blackhawk Systems in Oklahoma.

Sadly the industry had changed too much and the technology was sort of dated and the PC and Macs were just beginning to reign supreme as well...

Not more than 8 units were sold and the company that built it folded shortly after. There has not been an attempt to make a next CoCo since then until the recent CoCo-X project by Gary Becker was announced.

Sub-Etha Software published several MM/1 programs.

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