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Editor's Notes (Rainbow 1981-12)

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We're sure you notice a few different things about the RAINBOW this month. The main one being the format. From now on, your favorite Color Computer magazine will look like a magazine. We hope you will find it easier to use and enjoy. Frankly, we're very proud of it.

Inside, you'll find the usual collection of programs, hints, tips, games and other information devoted exclusively to the Color Computer that have caused so many of you to write or call with your good comments. We've yet to get a complaint ... which must be some kind of record (of course, now we will just because we mention it)! That's OK, we want to know what you want.

For all those (and there are hundreds) who have written about back issues, please pardon us for not responding individually. There just simply hasn't been the time. There's a notice inside about them, and if you're interested, please read it and try to consider it a personal letter. When we do print back issues, we'll probably only do enough so that we can handle the paid-up requests on hand.

Also, if the RAINBOW is a little later than usual, it's because we have been forced to go to bulk mail. Frankly, we've grown so fast we just cannot afford to use first class postage (and we want to keep our subscription rate at $12 a year for 12 issues). Actually, the RAINBOW was MAILED earlier this month than ever before.

Next month' A new game or two, some plans for building a desk/table to put all this equipment you're collecting on, a very useful article on flowcharting (it can be important), a neat card-shuffling routine that works in 4K(!) easily, some machine language tidbits, more reviews and at least one "practical" program we think you'd like to have.

Thanks, again, for your support. We've grown more quickly that we ever thought we would, and we have even bigger expansion plans. And, again, tell your friends about us, patronize or advertisers, and -- if you have a favorite computer store -- you might mention us to them. We've got a good deal for retailers on single copy sales.

Until 1982!


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