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Coco Midi

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CoCo MIDI Pro by Dr. Lester Hands


CoCo MIDI Pro is a complete 16 track MIDI recording studio.

This was the final upgrade for Coco MIDI 1, 2, & 3.

Imagine a multi-trac tape recorder with all the features you could wish, including CD quality reproductin, ability to bounce tracks, over dub tracks, and punch in and out.

CoCo MIDI Pro gives you all of that plus a lot more!

Since it records digital data coming from your MIDI synthesizer, it plays back exactly what it records, including every timing nuance. And then every little detail can be edited to perfect the recording.

You can easily add tempo and volume changes, even smooth changes from soft to loud or slow to fast.

A CoCo 3 with 512K memory and a Multi-Pak or Y-cable is required.

(from Rainbow add)