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C. C. Writer

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WORD PROCESSING for the TRS-8O* Color Computer

Written in user modifiable Extended BASIC and features Page Formatting, Block Move, Tabs, Deletion, Insertion, Global Search and Replace, Centering, Indenting, Page Pause, ASCII Code Transmission, Justification, and File Chaining.

16 or 32K version selectable at run time. The user say move the repeating cursor anywhere in a sentence to insert, delete, or change text. The ASCII code feature combined with powerful editing make C. C. WRITER ideal for print graphics. C. C. WRITER will drive any printer that can be connected to the Color Computer. C. C. WRITER is simple to learn but has powerful features.

Send for free information or $30.00 for the program and documentation if you can't wait.

TRANS TECH 194 Lockwood Lane Bloomingdale, IL 60108

  • TRS-8O is a Trademark of Tandy Corp.


See Rainbow Magazine 1981-11 Pag 9, in

C. C. Writer (Transformation Technologies).pdf