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Bob Rosen

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Bob Rosen was the owner of Spectrum Projects, a company based in Woodhaven, New York which sold many products for the Color Computer. Bob was formerly a salesman and store manager for Radio Shack. Spectrum Projects ran ads in all the major CoCo magazines until February 1988. In May of 1984, Spectrum Projects and Bob Rosen moved to San Jose, California until April of 1985 when he returned to New York.

Spectrum Projects started life as CONNECTION-80 in 1982, selling the popular Colorcom/E Telecommunications software.

Original products included a Light Pen, the Spectrum Remote Reset, Spectrum DOS, the Spectrum Voice Pak, and more...

Bob Rosen was Sysop of the CONNECTION-80 BBS OF Woodhaven, New York which later became the 4 line Rainbow BBS systems which ran on TRS-80 Model III computers using TBBS software. BBS #5 went on-line in San Jose, California in August 1984. The 4 lines in Woodhaven, NY stopped operation in March of 1985.

Bob Rosen, and his CONNECTION-80 BBS were profiled in the June/July issue of 80 Micro / 80 Microcomputing. "Bob Rosen-A Colorful Success Story" by Kerry Leichtrnan - pg 174.

Bob Rosen wrote several columns for Rainbow Magazines[1] "Hint" column. He also wrote articles for The Color Computer Magazine (TCCM)[2].

After folding Spectrum Projects in 1988, Bob Rosen went on to run a Sports Card and Memorabilia business called Spectrum Sports.

(Much of the information above is from the CoCo Chronicles)


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