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Luis Fernández

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Enthusiastic programmer since the beginning of personal computing, born on 12/1/1959 in Granada Spain, at age 4 I was brought to Venezuela where I reside since then, I still maintain my Spanish nationality, and I have traveled several times to my homeland.

My curiosity about computing started with an HP33 calculator that I saw in a shop window, and I wondered what it would mean programmable, I sold some things to buy it and if I remember correctly, very soon I made a shooting game, the calculator showed the numbers with 7 segments illuminated with filaments in bubbles or something, the truth is that the bullet could go from left to right only by 3 levels, at the end it was waiting for an alleged alien jumping from one level to another, you could direct the bullet Up and down to hit the enemy and take the score. Tube other Hps, like 21, 41cx, 67 of which I am also a fan.

From there, I bought the color computer and already the first day, I made a simulation of a drop falling from a tap to a water, making waves and sound, really fascinated.

During that time I helped in a store that sold the color computer, called Tecnologia-80 (later renamed ON-Line), they needed to place an announcement of the prices and capacities of the color computer on a TV in the shop window and they hired me to do it. go updating the prices and peripherals. I did a lot and even made programs for clients, programs to manage bank accounts, accounting and others, also because the cartridges did not arrive, apparently they were very expensive for the people (in 1982 a strong devaluation began in Venezuela that still has not been it stops even augmented), I translated the cartridges into Spanish and sold them in a cassette format with a starting point. (There was no other way to have them, if the store had been able to bring them and sell the originals they would not have done that), then travel to Miami and Disney, excop and Nasa, and buy about 25 titles to bring them, since even in 1985 they did not arrive Titles.

Then I went to the C64 and Amiga, until I had to switch to PC in order to continue doing management systems, in 1990 I founded my own software company (SoftStar systems) and I sold administrative systems.

For computer color create a virtual disk editor (CoCoDiskUtil) and a plugin for total comander to manage virtual disks, collaborate with cocopedia, and try to organize maltedmedia without success. I have a good color computer, peripherals, accessories, and magazines, also other Retro equipment, about 25 more peripheral equipment.