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Downloading from Videotex

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VIDEOAID is an enhancement to the VIDPRINT program which was published in last month's RAINBOW. It clears up some bugs, but it also allows you to download programs from Compuserve and BBS systems.

This program revises Radio Shack's VIDEOTEX. You need the VIDEOTEX program to make it work. But. by following the instructions, you will be able to view pages stored in memory, select any one Fage for viewing, copy any or all pages to tape, load pages previously stored to tape, obtain hard copy and download programs (and save them to tape).

You must first modify VIDEOTEX. If you have 16K, just load VIDEOTEX, type POKE2103,255 and <ENTER>. Then save the revision to tape by using CSAVEM "VIDEOTEX",1728,3839,1728. Use the new tape from now on.

These with 32K can do a little more. First load VIDEOTEX. Then type PCLEAR1, load the VIDFIX program below, and run it. Then reload the corrected VIDEOTEX (the one generated to tape by VIDFIX).

Both systems can now run the revised VIDEOTEX. After you disconnect, RESET the computer to return to BASIC.

Now, load VIDEOAID (below). First type POKE25,6:POKE26,1 <ENTER>. Then load VIDEOAID with the normal CLOAD.

You can now type single letters to do the following:

Go back to previous page <SPACE> Next page; Save page being viewed to tape; <L> load previously saved page; <C> Change to specific page;

Print page being viewed; <D> Download. Make sure the printer is on before using

. the recorder before using <L> or . When you download, a white cursor will appear at the top left-hand corner of the screen. Use the arrow keys to move. If you move the cursor off the screen down. the next page will come up. and vise-versa. Mark the program you wish to download by: Press (B) for beginning. Move the cursor to the top of the first character and press the "P". You won't notice any change in the screen, however. Mark the end of each line with an <L>. Place the cursor on top of the last character. Press "L". Mark the end of the program. Use an <E> instead of an <L> as in the previous step. The program will then get ready to load onto tape. You will be prompted to assign a program name, and there will be a delay while the program reformats information for the tape recorder. You can then RUN the program again or, if you wish to make a second copy, simply GOTO10, advance to the last page. type <D>, mark the last character with the <E> and it will be done again.


See Rainbow Magazine 1981-11 Pag 9, in