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A real big one!

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There are a lot of goodies in the November issue of the RAINBOW! We hope you enjoy them. There is a Videotex downloading routine (that can be used with any host computer system), our basketball stats program, a takeout on Tandy's new disc drive, a biorhythm program ... and a whole lot more. Next month ... some special seasonal stuff is contemplated. But. too, there's a great program that will allow you to make backup copies of your ROM packs. The beginning of a series on role-playing game aids, reviews and more tutorials, helps. hints and tips. We're really gratified by the response to the RAINBOW. Our subscription list is really growing — and we like to think that's because you like what you see. Thanks for your support! We'd also appreciate your help in spreading the word about the RAINBOW. And. although we know it sounds trite. please patronize our advertisers. After all. they care enough about YOU and YOUR computer to advertise in the ONLY monthly magazine devoted exclusively to the Color Computer.

Commercials for the RAINBOW aside. the Tandy Disc system is a reality. We know, because there is one sitting right here next to our Color Computer. (And we didn't Pull any strings to get it, either.) By now. you can probably see one at your local Radio Shack computer center or store. As we wrote earlier, the Disc Operating System is based in ROM a ROM Cart. It plugs into the CART port of the Color Computer. Drive "0" is the first step for a system. There are three more drives available. Our earlier information on prices was accurate — but we were $4 low on drive 0. Drives 1, 2 and 3 were on target. But you can get that information in the new catalog. For your $599, you get a drive, a drive controller (which is, actually, a large-size ROM Cart), a ribbon cable that hooks the cart up with drives 0 and 1. and manual and a free (!) disk. Incidentally, the box all this comes in says ·custom mfg. in Japan." The whole thing is packaged very well and comes in two boxes inside the shipping box. Obviously, Tandy will use the same packaging materials for the other drives. The manual is in the familiar multi-colored format of "Getting Started" and "Going Ahead." It’s called ·Color Computer Disc System" (Should it be "Spinning Along..."?)