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In 1999 Stephen Disney became the new editor of "The World of 68 Micros Magazine" then scandal struck! When Frank Swygert decided to stop printing the magazine he sought someone who would take it over as a hobby, being clear that it was a break-even proposition. Stephen Disney was the only one to step forward with a genuine interest. Frank met with Stephen and his wife personally before accepting the offer, after several e-mails and phone conversations. Unfortunately Stephen met with some personal issues shortly after taking over and had to stop. Even more unfortunate was that about 100 CoCo enthusisats lost money from renewals and a couple other projects Stephen had going on. It is believed that an unexpected divorce was the main factor, but no one was ever able to get in touch with Stephen to find out for sure what happened. That lack of communication is the main source of consternation for most who lost out. I do beleive that people wouldn't have been nearly as disguntled if they knew for sure what happened. Frank offered some back issues to those who contacted him, and later gave Glenside CoCo Club rights to reproduce back issues (along with copies of all the files). Dennis Kitsz made good on unfilled orders of "Learning the 6809" as well. It's unfortunate that things like this happen, but in a small hobby community it sometimes does.


1999 October 15: ... "disappeared into thin air" with some of the Coco community's hard earned money.
He's left quite a mess behind him too. Publication of "The World of 68 Micros" 
will be permanently discontinued, and the MP3 "learn the 6809" project is of course down the tubes - 
as well as the bulk purchase of 6309's from South Africa. Anyone who has information about where this 
person is - and why he's ignored repeated attempts to get a hold of him PLEASE contact someone within
 the Coco Community...


Learning the 6809
Dennis Kitsz

Hi all,
       if you bought "[[Learning the 6809]]" from
Stephen Disney and did not receive a copy, please
email me. Then, if you have a cancelled check or
other document you can send me, I will make good on
Disney's failure and send you your copy.
In the meantime, I'd like to clean up the Disney