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Multi-pak 26-3024 Grey
Multi-pak 26-3024 Grey
Multi-pak 26-3024
Multi-pak 26-3024 White
Multi-pak 26-3124
Multi-pak 26-3124 White

The MULTI-PAK is a peripheral that plugs into the expansion slot (cartridge port) of the Color Computer and expands it to handle up to 4 cartridges interchangeable and can be used one at a time without having to put out one another. This exchange of the 4 slot can be done without shutting down the computer, although sometimes a reset is required. You can even do some things with several at once.

The following models exist:

  • 26-3024 Grey
  • 26-3024 White
  • 26-3124 White
  • 26-3124A White

There are also custom made MULTIPAK and 8 Slot MULTIPAK

To use the MULTI-PAK smoothly with Color Computer 3, use this:

Upgrading 26-3024 MPIs uses a PAL/GAL chip programmed for the CoCo 3's addressing pattern.

Upgrading the 26-3124 involves trace cutting and wiring in a 74LS10 chip to change the addresses.

To make a 20-3024 Multi-Pak Interface work with both a CoCo 1/2 and a CoCo 3 requires a piggybacked PAL/GAL with a switch to activate one or the other. I'm sure someone can figure out some circuitry to switch the 20-3124 type Multi-Pak Interface.

Neither setup is stable with the other CoCos. That is, once you upgrade to the CoCo 3 address set, your CoCo 1/2 will be unreliable with that Multi-Pak Interface.

26-3124 Multi-Pak Interface CoCo 3 Upgrade #1
26-3124 Multi-Pak Interface CoCo 3 Upgrade #2
26-3024 Multi-Pak Interface CoCo 3 upgrade By Robin W. Drake

Besides the two that provides Cloud-9 hardware Upgrade PAL Multi-Pak, but you have to send the MULTI-PAK.

The disk controller must be used in slot 4, and while you can use two disk controllers in the Multi-Pak Interface, problems exist.




The 74LS10 can be mounted on another (??), and attach the pin 7 & 14, with pin 7 & 14 of the mounted chip

MPI Mod for coco3



MPI Mod for coco3 diagram Mod3124.jpg