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Reference (old text file not sure where I got it from)

145/200      [9] Networked Color Computer Forum
Title:       CoCo Periodicals Listing
Date:        Oct 02, 1996 07:55:00 (30 days old) (4085 bytes)
From:        Ed Jones @1:129/3 FIDOnet     
To:          All @Echomail FIDOnet     

                    COCO SUPPORT PERIODICALS
The World of 68'   Frank Swygert  $25.00 USA     Farna Systems PB Macros   
Micros*                           $30.00 Canada  P.O Box 321
                                  (6 issues)     Warner Robins, GA 31099-
                                  (one year)                        0321
                                                 (912)328-7859 (voice)
Hardcopy           Rick Cooper    $30.00 USA     Rick's Computer Enterprise
                                  $36.00 Canada  P. O. Box 276
                                  (12 issues)    Liberty, KY 42539
                                  (one year)     (606)787-5783 (voice)
CoCo Friends     Rick's Computer  $6.00 each     Rick's Computer Entrprise
Disk Magazine    Enterprise       $30.00 for 6   P. O. Box 276
                                  (monthly)      Liberty, KY  42539
                                                 (606)787-5783 (voice)
The Upgrade      Mid Iowa and     $16.00 USA     The Upgrade Diskletter
Diskletter       Country CoCo     $19.00 Canada  Terry Simons, Editor
                                  (6-8 issues)   1328 48th Street
                                  (one year)     Des Moines, IA  50311
MicroDisk        Farna Systems    $40.00 USA     Farna Systems PB
                                  $44.00 Canada  Warner Robins, GA 31099-
                                                 (912)828-7859 (voice)
MOTD             OS-9 Users Forum $25.00 USA     OS-9 Users Forum, Inc.
  (Message of    Inc.             and Canada. *  6158 West 63rd Street
  the Day)                        $30.00 others  Suite #109
  * Price includes membership fee (4 issues/yr)  Chicago, IL  60638
CoCo 1-2-3       Glenside CoCo    $15.00 USA     Glenside CoCo Club    
                 Club             (membership)   RR #2, Box 67
                                  (6 issues)     Forrest, IL 61741-9629
                                  (one year)     (708)428-3576 (voice)
                                                 (708)428-0436 (BBS)
CoCo Trader      James Sternett   $6.00 USA      James Sternett
                                  (6 issues)     2861 Easy Street
                                  (one year)     Sevierville, TN  37862
                                                 (615)428-1220 (voice)
CoCo-Nuts        Atlanta          $15.00 USA     Atlanta Computer
                 Computer         (12 issues/yr) Society,      
                 Society          (this includes P.O. Box 80694,
                                  membership)    Atlanta, GA 30366
OS9 Underground  Alan Sheltra,    Free "zog/
Ezine*           FatCat Pub.   
*NOTE: HTML docs for current issue can be downloaded from the web site.
Note: This list will be posted every few weeks. Suggested corrections,
      deletions or additions would be appreciated........Ed Jones
--- RiBBS v2.02 
 * Origin: CoCo-Plus of Mobile Alabama    33