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3-D Brickaway

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3-D Brickaway
3-D Brickaway
Year 1982
Publisher Britt Monk and then Avalon Hill
Author Britt Monk
Media Disk/Tape
Requires Coco 1/2/3, Joystick, 16 Kb, tape or disk.
Graphic mode 256x192x2
Download Tape/BIN
3-D Brickaway

3-D Brickaway.png

Name 3-D Brickaway
Year 1982
Author(s) Britt Monk
Media Disk/Tape
Memory 16 Kb
Platform Coco 1/2/3
Publisher Britt Monk and then Avalon Hill
Requires Joystick
Video Mode 256x192x2
About the Software Info Box

3-D Brickaway Artifact

3-D Brickaway is a 3 dimensional version the Breakout/Arkanoid game. where you play making the ball bounce against the brick wall at the end of the tunnel. Viewing down asquare tunnel, with your paddle nearest you, and the bricks at the far end ofthe tunnel, you must bounce the ball and take out all of the bricks at the end,using your joystick.

Easter Egg: If you look closely at the ball when it is nearest yourpaddle and you dont hit it, it will say Oops!. Just before this point (whetheryou hit it successfully or not), it will say different words as it gets closerto you: It, is, fun and !.

A fast action game, using both color sets from PMODE 4

3-D Brickaway Box Front 3-D Brickaway Box Back 3-D Brickaway Instrucction Page 1 3-D Brickaway Instrucction Page 2 3-D Brickaway Cassette