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Read Me First

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Read Me First

A set of Wiki templates have been created to help with categories and navigation of this site. When creating a new page, or editing an existing one, please ensure that the top of the file begins with a Nav template, such as:


Each Nav template contains references to other templates. In the case of the NavArticles template, it contains the following:


And each of those contains actual Wiki tags and/or categories, as needed.

Home contains:


This means it will display the text "Home" which will link to "Main Page" (the default page of this wiki).

Next is the Articles link:

[[Category: Articles]]{{Delim}}[[Articles]]

Above, it will first contain a Category tag for the Articles section, then a Delimeter (which is something like " - " for this Wiki), then a link to the top level page for Articles.

Lastly, is the PageName template:

 - '''{{PAGENAME}}'''

This will just display a non-breaking space, dash, non-breaking space, then the current page name in bold. (" - Read Me First")

So, when you start a page in an existing section, be sure to start with the appropriate NavXXX template reference at the top.

If you are creating a whole new section of the site, start by making a Nav for it by including something at the top like this:


When you save the page, that will be a new link. When you view this page, click on the new link, and fill out your new NavSectionName template like...


Then save, and you will get a link to the new SectionName, so click and edit that and make it look like the "Articles" example above (Category and link to the main SectionName page).

Once we get all this cleaned up, we will have an easier to navigate template. Plus, I can edit the Home link at any time to out a message or alert on every page of the site.

There should be no pages without this navigation.