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Here we can create pages for all the known CoCo folks, by category (programmers, hardware designers, writers, etc.) and any that register for accounts here can just link their personal info page to the page here.  If that happens.
==OS-9 Gurus==
*[[Chris Burke]]
*[[Kevin Darling]]
*[[Alan DeKok]]
==Game Greats==
*[[Steve Bjork]]
*[[Dave Dies]]
==Other Folks==
*[[Lonnie Falk]] - Founder and publisher of Rainbow Magazine.
*[[Wayne Green]] - Founder and publisher of 80-Micro, Hot Coco and ???
*[[Gene Heskett]] - NitrOS-9 contributor.
*[[Allen Huffman]] - Sub-Etha Software, CoCo Chronicles (CoCoFest reports).
*[[Terry Simons]] - Founder of Mid-Iowa Country & CoCo Club and a controversial figure in his day

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