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Musica 1 & 2 by Lester Hands

Year 1983 -1989
Publisher Speech Ststems, Rulaford Research, Musicware
Author Dr. Lester Hands
Media Disk/Tape
Requires Coco 1/2, Keyboard/Joystick, 64Kb
Graphic mode 256x192x4

A music composition program by Lester Hands using wavetable synthesis for the Color Computer 1 & 2. Entering music is quite easy as all notes are entered and displayed on standard musical treble and bass staffs. The position of each note is selected by moving a cursor up and down with the arrow keys or a joystick.

The music you are working on can be played at a ny time so you you can hear your masterpiece and if you wish, edit your creation. Insert, Delete and Block move commands are available just like a word processor.

Up to four voices (chords in four-part harmony) can be played at one time. Each voice can have its own timbre (such as the sound of a violin, flute, or oboe) and the assignment to each voice can be varied during the composition.

The tempo of the music can be varied during the composition and advanced users can play all sorts of aural tricks using a wave form synthesis option.

The tonal quality of your composition can be enhanced by using a remote speaker if your television can accomodate one. Most televisions called into service as CoCo monitors have poor speakers. For the ultimate sound reproduction, Speech Systems sells an attachment which plugs into the ROM port of the Color Computer and directs the output of Musica 2 to an external stereo system. The Stereo Pak also separates the signals into treble and bass and creates an effect which is most impressive .

When your masterpiece is finished or you'd like to stop, the composition can be saved to disk or tape using standard format files. You can also assess and play your composition from a BASIC program.

For posterity, or if you want to submit your composition to Carly Simon and make your next fortune, you can print out your score using a dot matrix printer. The program will print out the notes on the standard musical bass and treble staffs. While this is a very nice option, if you have a long omposition, be prepared for a long wait, because the printout is slow.

How does Musica 2 make all those great sounds? Here is Speech Systems' explanation:

Musica 2 generates a stream of numbers that the Color Computer converts to voltages through the sound port (6-bit digital-to-analog converter). By varying the numbers and thus the voltages at the appropriate rate, a tone is produced through the TV speaker. Pitch is varied by skipping a certam numbers of values. This method of varying pitch makes it possible to produce more than one note at once.

How good is the music you can produce usmg Mustca 2?

How good is a Steinway? The answer varies with how much talent you have and how much time you are willing to invest. The tools for creating your masterpiece are there - you just need to apply the time, energy and talent. If you have a 32K minimum Extended BASIC CoCo and an urge to create beautiful music or even MTV rock, Musica 2 may be for you.

(from Rainbow review by Bruce Rothermel, Dec 1984)