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{{InfoBox |
{{InfoBoxTest |
| name   = Test InfoBox
| name       = TRS-80 Deluxe Joystick
| photo =  
| photo     = Deluxe joystick.jpg
| date   = 2016
| caption    = Photo of a TRS-80 Deluxe Joystick
| format = ROM-Pak
| date       = January 5
| notes = This is what an InfoBox looks like.
| year      = 2016
| format     = Human
| notes     = Self centering (switchable), two buttons.
| infosource = Allen Huffman
This page will link to the various InfoBox templates available in this wiki.
This page will link to the various InfoBox templates available in this wiki.

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TRS-80 Deluxe Joystick

Deluxe joystick.jpg

Name TRS-80 Deluxe Joystick
Date January 5
Year 2016
Notes Self centering (switchable), two buttons.
Info Source Allen Huffman
About the Info Box

This page will link to the various InfoBox templates available in this wiki.

Click on a template link to view the usage help:

InfoBox Fields

Here is where we will figure out the various fields each InfoBox needs to have.

The main sections of this wiki are:

  • Company
  • Convention
  • Hardware
  • People
  • Publication
  • Software

I think we should have an InfoBox for each of those sections.

The InfoBox will automatically create links from certain entries, and Category tags for others. i.e., if there is a field that says "First Year:" the entered text ("1980") would create a Category tag for 1980 and a link to the "1980" section of the History/Timeline page. If there is a "Media: ROM-Pak" entry, it would create a link to the ROM-Pak page or category. Something like that. We gotta figure out how to best use Categories versus Pages.


Every InfoBox will have the following fields:

  • Name (will use PAGENAME if not specified)
  • Photo (will use PAGENAME.jpg if not specified)
  • Caption (photo caption)
  • Info Source (where did the data come from? Link to other website, or note magazine article, etc.)
  • Year - - Year of release/first year (used as a Category)
  • Notes

Most items should have a "Category" and "Type". Not sure how to do this. For instance "Game -> Shooter", or "Utility -> Disk".


  • End Year - last year operated (used as a Category)
  • Location - City, State, country they were located? (used as a Category)


  • End Year - last year held (used as a Category)
  • Location - City, State, country they were located? (used as a Category)


  • Category - Cartridge, Serial, ??? (used as a Category)
  • Type - Floppy, Hard Drive, RS232, ??? (used as a Category)



  • Category - Book, Magazine, Newsletter? (used as a Category)
  • Type - Hardback, Paperback, Floppy Disk, ??? (used as a Category)
  • End Year - last year published (used as a Category)
  • ISBN
  • ISBN-13
  • Language (used as a Category)
  • Pages - how many pages
  • Publisher (used as a Category)
  • Volume - ?

Do we like the re-use of "Category" and "Type"? Is there something that works better for all of these? "Main Type" and "Sub-type"?


  • Category - Game, Productivity, Utility, OS, etc. (used as a Category)
  • Type - Shooter, Word Processor, Disk, etc. (used as a Category)
  • Media - Cassette, Disk, ROM-Pak (used as a Category)
  • Graphics Mode - VDG/GIME mode: 32, 80, 256x192x2, etc. (used as a Category)
  • Memory - 32K, 64K, 128K, etc. (used as a Category)
  • Platform - CoCo 1/2, CoCo 3 (used as a Category)
  • Requires - Joysticks, 6309, etc.

When I make the master InfoBox, it will be the "one box to rule them all" and include the various sections depending on the type specified. Because of that, fields that are common to subsets need to be noted -- i.e., Software and Hardware might both have Category and Type, but only software would have Graphics Mode.