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Color Computer 2

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The CoCo2 was released in September of 1983. The catalog number was was 26-3026 for a 16K version with standard Color BASIC and it was listed in Radio Shack catalogs at $239.95 (A 64K CoCo 1, #26-3005, listed for $199). The case was a bit smaller than the original CoCo, very similar to the TDP-100. The keyboard was much better than the original CoCo "chicklet" keyboard. They were lower profile than typical modern PC keyboards and the keys were recessed in the center, giving them a "melted" look. The circuit boards were revised to be a bit smaller than previous models and were equipped to run a full 64K. 26-3027 was the number for a 16K Extended Color BASIC model, which was listed for $319.95. A full 64K Extended Color BASIC model (26-3003) retailed for $399.95. A 64K RAM upgrade (26-3017) was "only" $149, and the Extended BASIC ROM upgrade was $79.95, making the $399.95 26-3003 a relative bargain (add the ROM and RAM upgrade to a 16K basic model the total price was $468.90).

Prices dropped quickly. In mid 1984 RS cut the price for the 16K standard model to $159.95 and the 16K Extended BASIC model to $199.95. Production then shifted from Tandy's US plant to a Korean subcontractor. Those models appeared in mid 1984 at the same prices as the previous models, but new model numbers and revised circuit boards. For Christmas 1984 price were reduced -- $99.95 for a standard Color BASIC 16K model (31-3134), $139.95 for 16K and Extended Color BASIC (31-3136), and $199.95 with 64K and Extended Color BASIC (31-3127).

The final CoCo2 was listed in the 1987 Tandy catalog for only $99.95 with 64K and Extended Color BASIC.