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Xenion's title screen on the CoCo III. Without access to a paint program, this image was created painstakingly pixel by pixel. Oh for CoCo PhotoShop!!

Xenion is a video game for the Tandy CoCo II/III computer, first released in 1987 and written by Michael Duncan. Xenion is an arcade-style vertical-scrolling shooter game written in assembler. Xenion was Michael's first published game who was 17 at the time. The word Xenion refers to the Xenion XE-11 space fighter that the player pilots though-out the game.

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Xenion was written by Michael Duncan of Australia and contracted to Diecom Products of Canada who had international (except in Australia) publishing rights. Another version was sold to Computer Hut Software (CHS) of North Queensland, Australia.


Load screen for Xenion


Welcome screen showing dashboard layout including playfield, shields, score and high score panel

The objective of the game is to traverse over a number of planets in a solar system flying in the Xenion XE-11 fighter. Up to two players can play in the usual arcade style of I-play-first-you-play-second interaction using a corresponding joystick. Whilst playing, the player must shoot down enemy ships, destroy tanks, laser projectors, force fields and dodge enemy missile attacks. The setting will take the player over a series of environments: from empty space, planetary oceans, cities and deserts.


As with many games there is a boss element that the player must destroy in order to progress to the next level. In Xenion the boss takes the form of a giant octagon-shaped mother-ship.


Simularities to Other Games

Xenion bears resemblence to other vertical scrolling shooters, namely the 1982 arcade game Xevious by Namco.

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