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The VCC Emulator (Originally called "Bjork") is one of the most versatile Windows Based Emulators out there rivaled only by M.E.S.S (Multiple Emulator System). Current version (as of May 2015) is 1.43beta, released on April 2013.

VCC screencap.jpg


VCC is a small (under 1 MiB) modular Color Computer 3 emulator. The installer includes all that is needed to run the program, and it can be used as a portable application without needing any modification, making possible the concept of "CoCo in a pocket".

Version 1.42 can emulate a CoCo 3 with 6809 or 6309 CPU (overclocking up to 89.4 MHz), 128, 512, 2048 or 8196 KiB of RAM, 2 Joysticks, 4 Floppy Disk Drives with the FD-502 controller, 1 Hard Drive with Cloud9 controller (with real time clock), MPI and Orchestra-90 CC.

It can simulate RGB and composite video output in windows or full screen.


VCC was initially created under the name of "Poco", latter changed to "Bjork" as an homage to Steve Bjork, reaching version 7.35, and finally changing to "VCC" in June 2007, resetting the version count to 1.0.

VCC Version history
1.05 Introduced support for an emulated 4th floppy disk drive
1.06 First version to use Direct Sound.
1.11 Support for 2 joysticks.
1.40 Major update/rewrite. Support for cassette.
1,41 Finally updated the Virtual Hard Disk image to Nitros9 Version 3.2.8 and added Multi-Vue Use DOS 255 To launch. Fixed problem with version check in FDRAWCMD Added Some Bit-Banger output support, It can be directed to a text file now Added IDE emulation. This will be of interest to anyone with a Super-IDE or Glenside controller You can use your PC to take a backup of a CF card and run it in VCC! (maybe)
1.42 Updated documentation Added Monitor Console for BitBanger Output.
1.43 Introduced Becker port support.

System Requirements

  • CPU: Pentium III at 500Mhz+
  • OS: Windows 95 or latter with DirectX 8 or latter.

Additionally, Windows 2000 or latter and a supported Controller chip are required for RAW disk access.

External links

VCC Homepage