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UnderColor, Volume 1, Number 6, March 8, 1985

  • Title: News
  • Author: Dennis Kitsz
  • Synopsis: empty
  • Page Scans: Link




*************** Compiled February 27, 1985 *****************

** Send news to: Under Color, Box 6809, Roxbury, VT 05669 **

**************** Compuserve 70136,1257 ******************* WHAT'S UP WITH THE 09? Normally CIA—secretive Tandy Towers has been leaking like a sieve about the rumored Model 09 Color Computer. UNDER COLOR can‘t validate these Tandy rumors, but here they are: The 09 will be OS-9 ONLY, with NO BASIC ROM. This is a departure from the Tandy medium—priced computer line. There will be a SOFTWARE SELECTABLE 1 or 2 MHz clock. But -- alas -- use of the Motorola RMS CHIP SET HAS APPARENTLY BEEN

SCRAPPED. The high-powered 640x400 resolution RMS set, new baby of the Motorola graphics people, has been SET BACK 6 TO 9 MONTHS and is back to the drawing board. Apparently the second silicon of RMS CAME UP FULL OF BUGS. Since the Model 09 will be in the stores between September '85 and March '86, RMS won‘t be ready for it. Instead, Tandy execs have honeyed the path for some Motorola engineers, who left the RMS project to devote their time to A CUSTOM VLSI GRAPHICS CHIP for the Model 09.

* * * * *

Update on the NEW WD 1773 DISK CONTROLLER that's giving

software protection schemes a lot of headaches: The good

doctor reports that the 1773 —- which appears in the newer CoCo controllers -— is more likely to err on read address commands and single-density write sector commands. Computize and Mark Data products are also fighting with the 1773.

* * * * *

More about COCOMAX, the "Macpaint" clone for the Color Computer ... UNDER COLOR has reported the good news, but here's the bad news: The manufacturer of CoCoMax has SCOURED THE NUMBERS OFF THE MICROCHIPS INSIDE THE PACKAGE. UNDER COLOR has sneered at such clumsy hardware protection efforts before, and once again chuckles over this MISPLACED ATTEMPT. However, here's good news to counter the bad news: the missing numbers are 74LS00 and 74LS133, plus National Semiconductor's ADCO809CCN. For more details, sign on CompuServe and G PCS-126.

* * * * *