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Undercolor/850104/Fifth Anniversary/filler

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UnderColor, Volume 1, Number 4, February 1, 1985


  • Title: Fifth Anniversary
  • Text:

time, since on August 17 we were tossed out of our last job.
Yet—a month late and a few advertisements short—the first issue of Under Color was mailed. Subscribers—756—had been processed through out temporary, creaky, Model I-based subscription "system" in time to receive copies with computer labels. The rest were typed or handwritten.
With only our own funds and your subscription investment, we have begun an experiment in long-distance publishing: Deb Marshall edits from Maine, Clare McCarthy designs in New Hampshire, and I fret in Vermont. Our authors come from Minnesota and California and New York and Texas. I haven't see Deb since September, nor Clare for two years. Yet Under Color is underway—through mail and telephone, but most of all through trust.
They say the computer industry will undergo a shake-out this year, that everyone's running scared. Maybe I'm a fool, but your initial response to Under Color gives me confidence. As we enter the new year together—and gladly leave 1984 to philosophers—I wish you all the very best.