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Undercolor/840102/Color Count/filler

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UnderColor, Volume 1, Number 2, December 25, 1984


  • Title: Color Count
  • Text:

What's a picture worth? Well... a
Color hi-res screen picture is 256 pixels wide by 192 pixels high, which comes to a total of 49,152 pixels. Each pixel is coded by a single bit in that mode. Divide by 8 (8 bits to a byte) and you discover a Color hi-res picture contains 6114 (6K) bytes of information. Now,
typically a single English character is coded by a single byte. Thus, that Color hi-res picture contains 6K characters worth of information. The average word is about five letters long, and is typically accompanied by a space. Thus, the average word takes six characters, total. Six into 6K is about 1000. And so, we discover that a picture... a hi-res Color picture at any rate... is worth almost
precisely 1000 words.
— Marty Goodman