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The Second Rainbow Book of Adventures

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The Second Rainbow Book of Adventures
The Second Rainbow Book of Adventures
Title The Second Rainbow Book of Adventures
Author Charles L. Springer (Editor), Marjie Faul
Publisher Falsoft
Pub Date 1985
Pages 333 Pages
ISBN 093247103X
ISBN-13 9780932471031
Language English
Format Trade paperback
Info Source Luis Fernández

The Second Rainbow Book of Adventures is a collection of twenty-four BASIC adventure games. The book contains an introduction and the program listing for each game. A companion item, The Second Rainbow Adventures Tape, includes executable copies of all the games in the book, plus an additional three games whose listings were too lengthy to be included in the book.

The book and accompanying tape were first announced with a full-page, color ad in the October 1985 issue of The Rainbow. (They both appeared in the list of items that could be ordered in the Rainbow Bookshelf ad of the September 1985 issue, but were not featured in this ad or issue in any other way.)


  • Yellow Submarine by Mark Fetherston
  • Chief Inspector by Jeff Crow
  • The Wands of Raga Dune by Larry Lansberry
  • Stowaway by J.C. Jackson
  • Hero of Lonesome Valley by Robert W. Mangum II
  • The Riddle of Randomar by Robert Poppe
  • Ice Princess by David Taylor
  • Sir Randolf Returns by Gregory Clark
  • Lunar Escape by Steve Skrzyniarz
  • The Crypt of Flodnar by Gregory Clark
  • Secret Agent Man by David L. Dawson
  • Ring Quest by L. Curtis Boyle
  • Pappy's Gold by Bruce K. Bell, O.D.
  • Scavenge by Pat Pugliano
  • Silverton House [called Silverton Adventure on the game's splash screen] by John and Pat Everest
  • Thief of Dirloc by Mike Fahy
  • World War III by Scott Settembre
  • Dark Castle by Darin Anderson
  • Time Tripper by Robert L. Thomas
  • Castle of Naurios by Terrance Hale
  • Curse of Karos by Paul Hensel
  • Island by Philip Courie
  • African Transference by Michael Dennison
  • Robert's Adventure by Robert Dickau

Tape-only adventures:

  • Halls of Dungeon Death by Eric and Mark Riel
  • Castle Thuudo by Carmen DiMichele Jr.
  • Caves of Kalakh by Jane Fisher