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Displays or changes the operating parameters of the terminal.

Syntax: TMODE [.<path>] [<parameters>]

Path :

One of the standard path numbers:
.0 = standard input path
.1 = standard output path
.2 = standard error output path

Parameters :

pau = pause before scrolling screen
eko = display typed characters in the terminal
upc = display uppercase characters only
bso = backspace overstrike (erases characters)
alf = auto line feed
bsp = backspace character code for input, in hexadecimal
bse = backspace character code for output, in hexadecimal
del = delete line character code for input, in hexadecimal
eor = end-of-record (carriage return) character for input, in hexadecimal
eof = end-of-file character for input, in hexadecimal
pag = length of the video display page, in number of lines. This setting affects the pause mode.


tmode pau=1 upc=1
Turns on the screen pause function, and sets the terminal to display only uppercase characters.
tmode pag=24 pau=1  bsp=8 
Sets the screen page length (number of lines) to 24, turns on the screen pause function and sets the backspace character value to 8. 
Lists the current parameters.
upc=00 bso=01 dlo=00 eko=01 alf=01 nul=00 pau=00 pag=18
bsp=08 del=18 eor=0D eof=1B rpr=09 dup=19 psc=17 int=03
qut=05 bse=08 ovf=07 par=80 bau=00 xon=00 xof=00