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Super Voice

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Speech Systems' Super Voice Speech & Sound Pak

Speech Systems Super Voice (from Rainbow ad)

Super Voice Features

  • Unlimited speech
  • It sings
  • Writing your own BASIC program is easy using the SAY command (e.g., 100 SAY HELLO, THIS IS EASY is a valid BASIC statement)
  • Talking demonstration software included
  • Powerful text-to-speech program included
  • Singing demonstration software included
  • 4096 pitch variations
  • 16 speaking speeds
  • 16 voice levels
  • 8 articulation rates
  • 255 vocal track filter settings
  • Backed by an entire library of talking software
  • Software shipped on disk or cassette
  • Completely memory decoded so as not to interfere with other memory-mapped devices such as Radio Shack disk controllers
  • Easily used with a disk system by using Y-cable or Multi-Pak
  • By taking advantage of all the SUPER VOICE parameters, sound effects can be achieved

(from the Super Voice manual)