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Review: Conflict (Rainbow 1981-10)

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If you like Risk, you’ll really appreciate "CONFLICT".

Available from SOFT SECTOR MARKETING (6250 Middlebelt Road, Garden City, Mich., 48135 for $14.

two-player game that lets you concentrate on keeping up with the strategy while the computer does all the hard work.

In case you have never played its sister game, CONFLICT takes place on a mythical planet in 2150. The two superpowers have both landed on the planet -- which has four continents -- and are vying for control. Whoever does get control will be able to use all the planet’s resources to help his country back on earth. The winner will insure his side natural resources for the future. The loser, well...

There is a total of 20 colonies on the four continents and the computer will apportion 40 armies in eight of them for each side. Each side must try to conquer whole continents -- in other words, occupy every colony on each continent. Reinforcements are awarded based on the number of colonies and continents a side control.

Battles are won and lost by the roll of the dice, which are graphically represented on the screen. There is no weight given to the number of armies attacking one another, except -- obviously -- if you have more armies to lose in a given battle, you have the advantage.

You cannot attack willy-nilly, either. Only adjacent colonies can attack one another. However, you can move your armies from one adjacent colony to another.

The computer keeps track of where all the armies are, how many reinforcements are due each side, whether one colony is adjacent to another. who wins the battles and keeps score.

Commands available are:

  • (1) Distribute -- which allows reinforcements to be positioned;
  • (2) Status -- which shows where everything is and who has what areas under his control;
  • (3) Move -- which allows armies to be repositioned;
  • (4) Attack -- which allows the fighting to take place; and
  • (5) Finish -- to end a turn.

SOFT SECTOR also adds a Resign move, in which either side can give up.

SOFT SECTOR has provided some strategic hints and a map of the planet. There are also some surprises -- not particularly good ones -- for the warriors.

It’s an interesting and good game. The only complaint is the minor difficulty in reviewing the last continent without running through all four. Since there are only four of them, this is a small problem in what is a very interesting and well-done game.