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List of Tags

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About Categories and Tags

This MediWiki software uses the concept of page Categories (most sites call them "tags" today). For the purpose of this site, we will use "Tags" and "Categories" interchangeably.

Each page can be tagged with a Category. They will show up at the bottom of the page, and you can click on that Category and see all other pages with the same tag.

We are going to start using these "Tags" much more extensively. These would appear as Categories at the bottom of the page, and can be defined in a template. Each main section will have an InfoBox template that displays a nice box with photo on the top right of the page, and then we will add tags using another template:

{{InfoBoxGame |
| name  = Zaxxon
| photo = Zaxxon.jpg
| notes = Officially licensed port of the arcade game.
{{Tags | Arcade | Space | Shooter | Cassette | Disk | Joystick | Datasoft | Steve Bjork}}

"Tags" is a template that just creates categories from whatever values are passed.

The "InfoBoxGame" will include the top-level category of "Game" (which is a sub-category of "Software") so the user only has to specify items specific to the entry. In this example, we tag it with a few keywords:

  • Arcade - this is an arcade game
  • Space - this is a space game
  • Shooter - this is a shooter game
  • Cassette - this game came on cassette
  • Disk - this game also came on disk
  • Joystick - this game used the joystick
  • Datasoft - this was a game from Datasoft
  • Steve Bjork - this game was programmed by Steve Bjork

List of Categories/Tags

This page will serve as a listing of the standard Tags we want to support for different items.

The InfoBox would be unique to each section -- for instance, a publication or company might have a Start Year and End Year, while other InfoBoxes might only have a year (like when a Game was released). Beyond that, everything else will probably be a category tag.

MediaWiki supports sub-categories. Meaning, if you create a category called "Game" (which we have), and inside that Category page it can have "Category: Software". Thus, anything tagged with "Game" instantly gets Software as a tag.

If we set these up properly, we won't have to do as many tags! (i.e., tagging a page with "Game" automatically makes it "Software").

Platform Tags

These are top-level tags that can be for software, hardware or publications (for instance, a book that only covered CoCo 3 items).

  • CoCo 1 - items that ONLY work on CoCo 1
  • CoCo 2 - items that ONLY work on CoCo 2 (are there any???)
  • CoCo 1/2 - items that work on either a CoCo 1 or 2
  • CoCo 3 - items that support CoCo 3 specific modes.

A dual-mode program like Tetris or Arkanoid would be tagged as "CoCo 1/2" and "CoCo 3", I suppose. Something specific to the CoCo 3 like "Z-89" would only have "CoCo 3" as a tag.

Company Tags

I suppose we'd have a tag for the publisher, like Falsoft. Thus, pages about "Rainbow Magazine" or books published by them would all show up under the Falsoft category tag.

I don't think we can use sub-categories here, since if we made "Falsoft" a sub-category of "Company", then we tagged "Rainbow Magazine" with "Falsoft", "Rainbow Magazine" would show up as a Company, which is it not.

Convention Tags

All of these tags will be a sub-category of "Convention". Thus, clicking on "Convention" would show CoCoFests, Rainbowfests, Color Expo, etc. BUT, we have to be careful. If we wanted to tag "Marty's Nightmare" with "Atlanta CoCoFest" (since it was released there), that would make "Marty's Nightmare" appear under Convention. It is not, so maybe we don't want a sub-category here?

Hardware Tags

All of these tags will be a sub-category of "Hardware".

Interface (or Port?)

Items under here will be a sub-category of "Interface". We need to use "Port" here because "Cassette" will probably be a software sub-category (for Media the program came on). Joystick is a problem. We might want to tag a hardware device as a Joystick, but also want to use Joystick as a tag for a game that uses them... We can't do both, so the keywords have to be different if we want to use sub-categories.

  • Cartridge Port - plugs in to the cartridge port
  • Serial Port - plugs in to the serial port
  • Joystick Port - plugs in to the joystick port
  • Cassette Port - plugs in to the cassette port


  • Audio Digitizer
  • Printer
  • Speech Synthesizer
  • Video Digitizer
  • ...etc...

People Tags

All of these tags will be a sub-category of "People". Perhaps we'd have things like:

  • Author (or writer? for columnists)
  • Programmer for programmers
  • ...?

Publication Tags

All of these tags will be a sub-category of "Publication". Does a book count as a publication?

  • Book
    • Hardcover
    • Paperback
  • Magazine
    • Might be tagged as Disk is it was distributed as a Disk (thus it might also show up under Software, if "Disk" was a subcategory for Software).
  • Newsletter

Software Tags

All of these tags will be a sub-category of "Software".


Items under here will be subcategories of "Game".

  • Maze - Pac-Man style games
  • Platform - the running, jumping, climbing games like Donkey King
  • Puzzle
  • Shooter - Pew pew!
  • Simulation - ? We could also have Wargame, etc.

Operating System?

For software, this is simple. For hardware, thisthat's where multiple tags come in handy. The "RASCAN" video digitizer might be tagged with "CoCo 3" (hardware requirement) and "RS-DOS" (software requirement) for software.

  • DECB - requires Disk Extended Color BASIC (or we could call this RS-DOS?)
  • ECB - requires Extended Color BASIC ...etc...
  • CB - Color BASIC.
  • OS-9 - runs on any version of OS-9?
  • OS-9 Level 1 - only runs on OS-9 Level 1.
  • OS-9 Level 2 - only runs on OS-9 Level 2.
  • NitrOS-9 - only runs under NitroOS-9... I guess we could have Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 here too.


Items under here will be subcategories of "Productivity".

  • Disk Utility - we can't just use "Utility" and "Disk" as two tags, since we might want "Disk", "Cassette" and "ROM-Pak" to be software subcateogries describing how the item was distributed.
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Graphics - or do we want Drawing?
  • Music
  • Word Processor

Or maybe Music and Sound should be their own sets of categories?