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JARB Dual Joystick Unit

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From ad in November 1982 Rainbow p. 71:

"Single unit assembly enhances playability of multi-joystick/player games; convenient press-to-fire buttons."

From "This Joystick Package Is First Rate" - review in The Rainbow, August 1982, p. 25:

We, honestly, are lukewarm, at best, about the "official" joysticks available for the 80C. For one thing, they tend to get in the way, they are pretty light in weight and the cords get tangled up with a lot of other things.

JARB Software's new Dual Joystick Unit (DJ) takes care of most of these problems and offers the advantage of a better joystick operating mechanism— called a pot — to boot.

Packaged in a nice plastic case with both joysticks mounted on a sloping front, the DJ system makes it easier to use these indespensable game aids. And, because there is some weight to the case, the whole assembly has now found a permanent home on my computer table. Before, the light "official" joysticks just got pushed aside. In addition, DJ's cables are heavier, and much less prone to tangle up. That, and the fact that I no longer need to move the joystick per se, means there is less clutter.

As to operation, the actual mechanism is by our friends at Radio Shack, but these pots seem to be a cut above those you get with the "official" version. And, the fire buttons are big and bright. They don't stick either. And, because the surface of the DJ is tilted, they are, in my view, much easier to use than the hold-in-your-hand variety.

We liked this product and have already used it to great advantage in running copies of game programs for review.