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Inkey.asm Level 2

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* INKEY - a subroutine for BASIC09 by Robert Doggett
* Called by: RUN INKEY(StrVar)
*            RUN INKEY(Path, StrVar)
* Inkey determines if a key has been typed on the given path
* (Standard Input if not specified), and if so, returns the next
* character in the String Variable. If no key has been type, the
* null string is returned. If a path is specified, it must be
* either type BYTE or INTEGER.
REVS     set  REENT+1
         mod InKeyEnd,InKeyNam,TYPE,REVS,InKeyEnt,SIZE
InKeyNam fcs  "Inkey"
         org  0          Parameters
Return   rmb  2          Return addr of caller
PCount   rmb  2          Num of params following
Param1   rmb  2          1st param addr
Length1  rmb  2          size
Param2   rmb  2          2nd param addr
Length2  rmb  2          size
E$Param  equ  $38
SIZE     equ  *
InKeyEnt leax Param1,S
         ldd  PCount,S   Get parameter count
         cmpd #1         just one parameter?
         beq  InKey20    ..Yes; default path A=0
         cmpd #2         Are there two params?
         bne  ParamErr   No, abort
         ldd  [Param1,S] Get path number
         ldx  Length1,S
         leax -1,X       byte available?
         beq  InKey10    ..Yes; (A)=Path number
         leax -1,X       Integer?
         bne  ParamErr   ..No; abort
         tfr  B,A
InKey10  leax Param2,S
InKey20  ldu  2,X        length of string
         ldx  0,X        addr of string
         ldb  #$FF
         stb  0,X        Initialize to null str
         cmpu #2         at least two-byte str?
         blo  InKey30    ..No
         stb  1,X        put str terminator
InKey30  ldb  #SS.Ready
         OS9  I$GetStt   is there an data ready?
         bcs  InKey90    ..No; exit
         ldy  #1
         OS9  I$Read     Read one byte
InKey90  cmpb #E$NotRdy
         bne  InKeyErr
         rts             (carry clear)
ParamErr ldb  #E$Param   Parameter Error
InKeyErr coma
InKeyEnd equ  *