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FD-501 (26-3131)

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Floppy Disk Drive Controler FD-501
Floppy Disk Drive Controler FD-501 Back


One of the more 'modern' controllers (mounted in a shorter cartridge than the older ones), this is also the only Radio Shack model ever to feature gold-plated card-edge connectors. Due to the much higher reliability of gold contacts over tinned PC fingers, this is my personal favorite among all of the Radio Shack controllers. This model was introduced in the 1986 Radio Shack catalog.


All subsequent drives were also white in color, but were mounted horizontally and used half-height drive mechanisms. They shipped with a single drive (Drive 0) in the lower 'bay', and a blanking plate over the upper opening. These drives could be upgraded to a dual-drive system by installing the second drive kit in the existing case. Note that the kit included, and all dual-drive installations in these cases require, a 12-volt cooling fan. The units run acceptably cool with a single drive, but not with two drives. The 4 cm diameter, 1 cm thick brushless fans (as used on many CPU heatsink assemblies) work well in these cases.