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CCR-81 (26-1208)

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Radio Shack TRS-80 Cassette Recorder CCR-81 (26-1208)

The TRS-80 CCR-81 was a cassette player and recorder from Radio Shack. The "CCR" in the name stood for Computer Cassette Recorder. While a fully functioning audiocassette player and recorder, the CCR-81 was also a computer data input/output device.

Radio Shack produced few software titles on tape, preferring its proprietary Program Pak cartridge-based system, but a wide variety of third-party developers released software on tape as a standard format. Usually the price for a program was the same whether on tape or disk, but the cost of the drive hardware was much higher for a disk drive.

Like many tape recorders of the day, the CCR-81 was a full-sized desktop model, with a large speaker, intended to permit multiple users around a table, such as participants in a business meeting, to hear the sound. It was followed up by the much smaller CCR-82.