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This model was introduced for use with the CoCo 2 (as it lacked the original CoCo's +12V power supply), and is also mounted in a long cartridge. Early 26-3029 controllers had a Fujitsu MB8877A (5-volt only equivalent of the WD1793) and are capable of high density 3.5" drive operation. Mike Pepe has a page showing how he upgraded a 26-3029 controller: [1]

Note that most 26-3029 controllers use the WD1773 floppy drive controller chip which IS NOT capable of operating high density floppy drives.


26-3029 'Color Computer Mini Disk' This drive model had a white case, but was still a full-height, vertically-mounted assembly. These first two styles have 34-pin card-edge connectors on their rear panels rather than captive ribbon cables. The addition of extra drives required using additional case/power supply/drive units.

Radio Shack advised owners of the 64K CoCo 1 (26-3003B) to get the External Drive 3 for the Model 4 (26-1161)[2]. While this would solve the problem of the case color matching issue, it created a new and different problem of the case badge no longer having the word "Color" nor the red, green, and blue rectangles.